Even though we do not fall under HIPAA rules, we strive to follow HIPAA standard; this means that your sensitive data remain encrypted. Further, every user can grant viewing rights to their proxies (for example, family members) or health care providers, thus ensuring privacy.

Group Lists

Group lists are helpful for health care providers, patients, and family members.

For health care providers, keep track of your patients' medicines. You may build different lists for different diseases.

If this is for your family, you can track their medicines.

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Medication Lists

You can add or remove medications from your list using our links to photos. You can identify the particular medication by color, shape, size, and identification numbers.

Patients can update their own prescriptions.

Doctors or family members to whom you give permission can prescribe or cancel medications.

Everyone involved can all work together to provide an accurate medication list for the patient.

Medicine Calendar

An easy way to see when to take your medicines. Organize your medicines by day, week, or month using drag and drop.

It is simple to add or remove details about brand/generic names, and if the medication is taken as needed.

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Print Medicines

You can print your calendar for daily, weekly or monthly schedules, or a simple wallet-sized list. You can use a printed calendar to help you take your medicines properly.

For health care providers, a printout can help show what, when, and how many medicines a patient is taking.

Medication History

Do you want to know the date a medication was changed? That is simple with an accurate medication administration page.

With the medication history feature, you can see if patients have changed their calendar and medicine use. Everyone who has permission can see when the changes were made.

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Get Started

  1. Group Lists

    Physicians, nurses, or anyone who wishes, can easily create user lists to track patients.

  2. Med Lists

    For each patient, a medicine list can be created and edited, to keep track of the medicines a patient is supposed to and are really taking.

  3. Calendar

    A calendar will show when medicines are to be taken. An easy drag-drop feature allows users/patients or health care providers to easily customize when patients should take their medications (in the morning, or with breakfast, etc).

  4. Print

    A printed calendar of medicines to take can be given to patients, which will improve patient compliance.

  5. Medication History

    Need to see when medications were changed? That is easy with a medication history of all medications.

  6. Privacy

    We take patient's privacy seriously, and encrypt patient personal health data. We track what is viewed, and our role designation keeps information confidential.

  7. Future Directions

    We are working on partnering with a group to give patients incentives to take their medications. Keep checking back for details!

  8. Interested?

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