Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of PC do I need?
  • This service has been tested on a Windows XP, 7, and 8, as well as Mac OSX.
  • Presumably it should run on any machine, as long as the browser is compatible (see below).

Do I need an internet connection?
  • Yes, to get the most up to date medication list, you do need an internet connection.

Which internet browsers may I use for this service?
  • This service is optimized for Chrome and Safari, and will work on Firefox.
  • For now, Internet Explorer (especially versions < 9) will work, but there are certain functions (such as drag and drop) which are missing in the IE version.

May I use my mobile phone for this web application?
  • Obviously great minds think alike, since we think a mobile version of this service is needed.
  • Currently we are working on a HTML5 version, which you can view on any mobile phone.
  • A future version designed specifically for Apple's iOS is in the works.
  • We have not forgotten about our Android and Windows' friends. Keep an eye out for this.