Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add a new medication to a patient profile?
  • Click here to see how to add a medication to a patient.

How do I delete a medication from a patient?

How do I change a medication?

There are so many images of medications; which one of these is mine?
  • Generic medicines are often made by numerous manufactuters. Each manufacturer may shape, color, or identify the medicine in a unique way, even if it is identical in activity and active ingredients as others or to the brand name.
  • We suggest you speak with you pharmacist or nurse to help identify the proper maker, and thus image for your medicines.

What do I do if I can't find my medication image? Which image do I choose?
  • If you can't find your medication image, there is a placeholder for a nondescript tablet, capsule, or bottle you can select instead.
  • Otherwise, you may speak to your pharmacist, doctor, or nurse about this matter.

What do I do if I have side effect from one of my medications?
  • This application is not meant to provide medical advice or treat side effects of medicines.
  • If you feel that you are having a side effect of a medicine, or if you medical condition has worsened in any way, please contact your doctor.
  • If you feel it is an emergency, please go to a local emergency department or call 911.

How do I refill a medication?
  • Please contact your pharmacy for refills.

What if I run out of a medication?
  • Please contact your pharmacy for refills.

Can certain medications be blocked from view from others?
  • At this point, no there is no way to block others who are registered to view your medication profile from viewing specific medications.
  • Please keep in mind though that any individual will need to obtain prior authorization from you in order to view your medication profile. That is, when an individual wishes to view your profile, they must FIRST request authorization, and a pin will be sent to you to be given to that individual. Without the pin, that individual cannot access your records.